Zondagmiddagconcert 21 mei 2023 – Eileen Rose trio

Zondagmiddagconcert 21 mei 2023 – Eileen Rose trio

Eileen Rose & The Legendary Rich Gilbert play songs from Eileen’s brand new album!


Makes you want to roar down the highway with the windows     open and a finger on the repeat button”

Eileen Rose’s music is an authentic, glorious hybrid of honky heroine, Dylan-esque songstress, and road warrior diva. After building a critically acclaimed career in Europe, being musically compared to Patti Smith, Lucinda Williams, Emmylou Harris, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young, Eileen Rose has returned to her New England roots.  Now North American audiences can fully embrace Elleen’s substantial catalog with new digitally released albums, available on all streaming platforms. Eileen Rose has a music career of 32 years.